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Office Recycling – 5 Ways to a Greener Business

Recycling has become an increasingly popular activity for homeowners all over the world. More and more families are choosing to go green and help save the environment with easy at-home solutions. From recycling and composting to reducing energy and water, keeping the environment healthy has become a huge initiative for homeowners.

What's surprising is the lack of participation from many companies all over the country. One company (depending on the size) can have the same impact on the environment as a small village of homes. If your company could make the world a greener place, wouldn't you want to be part of it?

Here are some simple things you can do in the office that will not only make the environment healthier but will cut back on costs as well:

1. Recycling Bins. It's important to promote recycling within your company. Not only should employees be aware of the initiatives but all measures should be taken to ensure that recycling is as easy as possible. Place the recycle bins close to the garbage cans so employees don't have to walk further to the bins (they might lose interest if it means more work). You may even want to give each employee a normal waste basket and a recycle one so they don't have to leave their desks to recycle their products.

2. Water Coolers vs. Water Bottles. Water bottles are not environmentally friendly and they cost significantly more than water coolers. Opt for switching from water bottles to a single (or multiple if you work for a larger company) water cooler instead of countless water bottles.

3. Energy Efficient Dishwashers. Purchasing an energy efficient dishwasher will make a huge difference in the amount of water and energy it takes to wash your dishes every day. There are several types of energy efficient dishwashers to choose from, in a variety of price ranges to suit all budgets.

4. Email vs. Paper. Communication is an integral part of every company. More and more companies are choosing to communicate via email rather than paper. Power Point presentations are becoming increasingly popular and 10-page paper handouts are becoming a thing of the past. Some companies are even opting to do pay stubs via email to cut back on the paper usage every pay period.

5. Carpooling, Public Transportation etc. You can't force your employees to carpool to work or take the bus instead of driving every day, but you can persuade them. A lot of companies have chosen to promote carpooling and public transportation through reward programs. If you carpool, many companies will reimburse your gas money, likewise, if you take the bus they will agree to pay for it (or at least pay for some of it).

If you haven't started any economically friendly initiatives in your company, it's time to start. After all, green is the new black, right?

About the Author: Marjorie Jackson is pushing for environmentally friendly cleaning within her business. She's started paper recycling and plastic recycling programs within her company and insists on air quality testing at home.  Article Source: Ezine Articles

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