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How to make Generous Acts a way of Life - 10 Thoughtful Practices

Have you ever experienced an unexpected kindness? To have a neighbor rake the leaves off of your driveway as they are doing theirs. Or the highway driver that slows down to let you pass lanes in front of them. These small random acts of kindness are wonderful to give and receive. They also make us feel more connected to each other as a society. It reawakens you to the fact that people are all the same deep down and are quite good at heart. In this fast paced world it seems like people are misinterpreting the amount of time it actually takes to perform a random act of kindness. Most acts of kindness are spur of the moment. The kind act occurs to you and you do it: it is really that simple. We can all make generous acts a way of life. Once you realize just how good it feels to perform random acts of kindness, you will want to do them as often as you can. We've taken some of the guesswork out of what is possible by offering 10 Thoughtful Practices to help get you on your way. By the time you move through our list of thoughtful practices you will have come up with some of your own. So bon appetit!

Practice 1. Get a $5 or $10 gift card, add a little thank you note and leave it in your mailbox for your mail carrier. Boldly write for the mail carrier or for the postal worker on the envelope and don't forget to put the flag up on the side of the mailbox.

Practice 2. If you are a coupon clipper take all of your unwanted baby item coupons and deliver them to the nearest childcare facility or unwanted pet coupons and deliver them to the nearest animal shelter or vet office.

Practice 3. Gather up your, I just don't want to watch them again DVD's and donate them to a senior center or a nursing home.

Practice 4. Bake or buy cookies or muffins for your local fire or police department, to thank them for the hard work they do.

Practice 5. When you have just gotten great customer service, make sure you get the individuals name. Upon leaving ask to see the manager and tell him/her what a fantastic job their employee is doing.

Practice 6. Buy funny or sentimental cards; address, stamp, and mail them to each individual living at home with you, especially any children. It feels so good to get personal mail, don't wait for a special occasion.

Practice 7. If you are a pet owner, the next time you are at the grocery store buying pet food, pick up one extra bag and donate it to your local animal shelter.

Practice 8. Take your faithful barber or beautician a sandwich and a drink to your next appointment. They often have a hard time getting away for meals.

Practice 9. Do you know a young newlywed couple? Make a nice care package filled with gently used household items you no longer use or want. This also works great for any young college students you might know.

Practice 10. One afternoon call your local shelter, mission, hospice, senior center or nursing home ask them if it would be okay if you just come by and sit with someone who might need a friend to talk to for a little while.

We create magical moments for both the giver and receiver of these generous acts of kindness. A divine blending of energies takes place as people work together, supporting and encouraging each other in ways that are fulfilling and productive.

Gandhi once said, "Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it." Remember this as you add your own thoughtful practices to your way of life.

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